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Art Director at The Pace Press

I'm was the Art Director at Pace University's School Newspaper, The Pace Press. My job included developing and designing the paper's covers, comics, and promotional material.


I began as the Graphic Design Intern in 2017 before eventually becoming the Graphic Design Editor in 2018. In 2019, I was promoted to Art Director. I enjoy the team environment and the experiences have been the highlight of my college experience.

Playbill Designer

I had the opportunity to design the playbill for "I'Migration", a new play by Falconworks Theater Company. I was given the task of capturing the play's message (combating the stigma of immigrants who have come to America) and portraying it through the playbill design.

Though I was a volunteer, I really enjoyed the opportunity to assist a show with such a vital message.

Mural Designer

I have been commissioned to paint murals for a few clients. I work with them to develop their initial concept and then use my skills to create a entirely unique design.

Senior College Art Series

I had the opportunity to create a series of paintings to be exhibited among other student artwork.

I wanted to explore the power of vicious words, particularly the ones which hold the most control over me. Hateful rhetoric is used to dehumanize and strip away our pride and self-worth. By showcasing the words which cause me the most pain, I’ve attempted to loosen their power and perhaps reclaim their meaning.

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